Surveillance & Intelligence Acquisition

Re-orientation :

  • More focus towards int led operations
  • Creation of Int Secs/Dets at RDs & PSs
  • Induction of int software (i2) for asst in investigation/ backtracking
  • Greater coord b/w SIC and RDs

Enhanced cooperation with international partners

Govt’s approval for:

  • Amdt to incl ANF in Fair Trial Act – 2013
  • Auth to possess and use GSM trackers

Proactive Prevention & Protection

Recent Initiatives:

  • Checking of incoming flights and cargo at airports and seaports
  • Provision of BIOSYS terminals at all collection centres of courier/parcel companies – by Dec 2015
  • Checking of Samjhota, Khokhrarpar trains and randomly checking the rest
  • ANF deployement in Border Liaison Offices
  • Use of CCTV cameras for profiling of passengers and cargo at airports linked with HQ for real time monitoring

Effective Enforcement

Recent Initiatives:

  • Expansion of ANF outreach through activation of 3x New PSs at Naukundi, Quetta and Peshawar activated (notified 33, activated 28)
  • PS Rwp and PS Haripur relocated to Dina and Mansehra
  • Special focus and surveillance on drug paddlers around education institutions
  • Robust Precursors Con Regime/Mech
  • Enhancement of Canine Cap (Estb of Breeding and Training Centers)
  • NADRA VERISYS extended down to PS level
  • Enhanced efforts for speedy apprehension of POs
  • Remodelling of Annual Drug Burning Ceremonies
  • Complaint facility through website and UAN 111-222-331

Alliances, Assistance & cooperation


  • Exchanging intelligence & conducting coordinated/ ICD ops with international partners
  • Promoting Pakistan’s perspective in international conferences, seminars and workshops
  • Capacity building of the Force through international support
  • Cooperation with ministries and other national agencies
  • Promoting cooperation with international narcotics authorities, organizations, bodies, associations and societies

Recent Initiatives:

  • Nomination as chair for ME, CARs & SA in IDEC – 2016
  • Hosting Regional Seminar of Drug Enforcement Apr- 2016 (Minister for MOI&NC , Yuri Fredetov)
  • From KSA – Forensic lab and body scanners for airports
  • From China – Forensic lab equipment, drug detection equipment and vehicles
  • From UAE – Financial support for Establishment of MATReC, SIC Det and Drug detection equipment
  • From USA Budgetary support of Rs 119 million for FY 2014/15 from INL
  • Equipment worth US$ 4 million from ODRP 2015/16
  • From UNODC – Support in equipment, training and infrastructure development
  • Cooperation : Enhanced Cooperation with ISI, MI, FBR, CAA and FIA

Rehabilitation & Awareness


  • Rehabilitaion in 4x areas – Phy, Psy, Social & Eco
  • MATReCs at Islamabad & Quetta converted into permanent est
  • Establishment of new MATReCs at Peshawar
  • Expansion of MATReC Karachi (Female/ Children wards)


  • Enhanced visibility of ANF on media involving civil society, educational institutions, sportsmen, senior officials, youth and celebrities
  • Websites/Facebook Pages of HQ and RDs
  • Organise lectures, sports events, seminars / workshops, stage plays, walks, free medical camps etc
  • International Counter Narcotics Seminar was held at Islamabad on 27-28 Jan 2015