The world in general and our region in particular, continue to suffer from the ill effects of narcotics. Pakistan, being closest to the world’s drug epicenter, is confronted with enormous challenge of countering this threat domestically, as well as playing a major role against global drug trafficking. The nature and quantum of threat from narcotics and illicit drugs are on constant rise. Besides being an extremely profitable illegal activity, narcotics business follows all rules of demand and supply. Hence, our threat spectrum is defined by global, regional and domestic strands on one side, and demand – supply dynamics on the other. Our counter narcotics strategy, therefore, is aptly focused on ‘drug demand reduction’, ‘drug supply reduction’ and ‘international cooperation’.
Expanding poppy crops in our neighborhood, increased smuggling and greater trafficking/ consumption of narcotics have compounded the challenges for Pakistan. Now operating under the Ministry of Interior and Narcotics Control, Anti Narcotics Force is determined to fight the menace of narcotics, along with other domestic law enforcement agencies and international organizations. Notwithstanding the shortfalls, Anti Narcotics Force has performed exceptionally well during 2014, which has been a record year not only in terms of seizures but also in other related aspects.